Solara Wrought-Iron Lighting


Beautiful, durable, and carrying the implication of handmade, wrought iron is a timeless choice for architectural outdoor lighting. Solara was among the first companies in Dallas to offer high-end custom iron lighting, and we built our reputation on an impeccable combination of technology and traditional workmanship.


Our Outdoor Lighting Range

Tastes change and styles come and go, but Solara strives for enduring elegance in all our designs. From modern to traditional, we offer hand-forged wrought-iron electric and gas lights for outdoor use. Mounting options include pier mount, post mount, wall mount, ceiling mount, pendant stem, and pendant chain. So whether you are seeking a single grand chandelier for your home’s outdoor living room or dozens of torches for a luxurious resort, you’re certain to find just the right look for your project.

Our Process

Our handcrafted lights start in an engineering lab using the most current computer programs. Master craftsmen then bring our designs to life in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest manufacturing equipment in Mexico and Texas. A special electrostatic coating protects our lights from the elements, and each product is finished by hand. All of our lighting products comply with strict UL standards. Watch the video below to see our technique in action. Contact us for more information.