Solara Cast-Bronze Lighting


Cast bronze is an opulent yet incredibly long-lasting material. With durability that surpasses even iron — not to mention an artistic process dating back thousands of years — it is the choice for the highest of high-end custom architectural outdoor lighting projects. Every one of our cast-bronze lights is a magnificent sculpture.


Our Outdoor Lighting Range

Our cast-bronze lights are the epitome of enduring elegance. Design styles — available as both gas lights and electric lights — capture the spirit of fine European classics and are reminiscent of the world's most intriguing castles and palaces. Mounting options include wall mount, pendant stem, pendant chain, and hanging bracket. So whether you are seeking a pair of spectacular attention-grabbers to flank your home's front door or a series of magnificent torchieres for a hotel walkway, you’re certain to find the look of a lifetime at Solara.

Our Process

Handcrafted in Mexico, every fixture we build combines technology with traditional workmanship. Each design starts in an engineering lab using the latest computer programs. Master craftsmen then bring our cast-bronze lighting designs to life using the time-honored lost-wax process. After the bronze is removed from the casting mold, it is finished and polished by hand. Like all of our lighting products, our cast-bronze lights are UL compliant. Contact us for more information.