Stunning & Secure: Solara Custom Doors


Solara knows magnificent entries. Our architectural metaldoors rise to the occasion of homes and businesses designed for impact. But classic iron and modern steel doors aren’t only beautiful to look at, they also offer practical advantages overwood doors. Our hand-forged doors are stronger and more secure than wood doors — without the maintenance issues.


Ornamental Front Doors & More

We consulted with architects, homeowners, and interior designers to come up with nearly 150 door designs that range from classic iron to modern steel to low-profile architectural styles for homes and businesses. We also make beautiful wine cellar doors, as well as ornamental iron gates, fencing, and balconies to complement our doors and lighting. From driveway entry gates to perimeter fencing and balcony railings on the exterior to stair railings and landing railings on the inside, Solara can create whatever you dream.

Since 1995, Solara has been a leading manufacturer of architectural doors, gates, railings, and fencing, balconies, and more. Handcrafted in Mexico and Texas, Solara’s commercial and residential doors are built to order and custom fit to your entryway, no matter how tall or wide.

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