Distributors and Representatives

Distributors and Representatives

For Solara Iron Doors & Lighting, We Treat Our Esteemed Distributor Roster Like a Badge of Honor

As a distributor of custom wrought iron doors and fine architectural lighting, your reputation in the industry is directly based on the quality of the ironwork you represent. As a leader in custom iron entry doors and gas and electric lighting, our name must be known for quality and meticulous attention to detail. At Solara, we understand this dynamic and deeply appreciate the fact that our relationships with vendors are truly two-way streets.

Since 1995, the Solara team has placed just as much octane into honing all areas of manufacturing and distribution efficiency, design innovation, and customer service as we do on creating our wrought iron doors and lighting. Without these two aspect of our business being equal, we know Solara would not have become one of the most sought after brands by designers, builders, and architects in the home building and commercial-hospitality trades.

Solara Iron Doors & Lighting has the most extensive line of standard wrought iron doors and gas or electric lights from which to choose. Solara’s iron doors are manufactured in line with the U.S.’s rigid quality codes and standards. Our custom wrought iron ornamental accents and iron railings any architectural style throughout an environment.

Solara’s gas lanterns are available with manual or electronic gas ignitions using natural or propane gas. The entire line of our gas and electric lighting product complies with UL standards and requirements. Having our own manufacturing facilities allows us to provide our distributors with truly custom ironwork, which appeals to a large high-end market.

Solara’s team of experienced sales representatives, customer service and technical support experts are available to answer any and all questions that arise during the sales process. Our website provides continual a reference for product details, technical specifications, warranty, and terms and conditions.

Being approved as an Official Solara Distributor will allow to have access to special pricing, special promotions, catalogs, marketing materials and technical support, please fill up the distributor application and send it to mtgutierrez@solara.tv or call us at (214) 744-9900 ext. 112. Your applications will be reviewed and approved by our National Sales Manager and unique ID and Password will be sent to you so you can access to all those sections within our website.  Your contact information and website link will be listed in our Solara website, especially in our store locator section. As a reciprocity you will have to list our website link in your website as well.