"Not just in commerce, but in the world of ideas too, our age is putting on a clearance sale."
- Soren Keirkegaard, Existentialist, Philosopher, and Poet.
What is our dear philospher saying about the clearances in the world of ideas, and the world of commerce?
Maybe that everyone loves a clearance. You decide.
As you ponder your decision, feel free to view some of Solara's clerance  of limited quantities of overstock items. They are sold "As is"  at unbeatable prices that would probably give Keirkegaard an existentialist crisis of joy.
So, explore our clearance, and, as Keirkagaard recommends, "Do not forget to love yourself".
Every wrought iron lantern, chandelier, or decorative post base from Solara is created with state-of-the-art technology and a near obsession with traditional craftsmanship.