About Solara

From contemporary to traditional or Tuscan to Asian-inspired, the inclusion of wrought iron architectural accents throughout glass and iron doors and lighting seems to blend and heighten any architectural style. Solara Doors & Lighting’s showcase of iron entrance doors & lighting is extensive—encompassing accents, ornaments, iron doors, and wrought iron lighting from the most simple to the elaborately ornate. Our sales representatives and artisans have earned a reputation for having a few design tricks up their sleeves and never fail to deliver when it comes to choosing the perfect architectural iron décor for your residential or commercial project. Explore our wrought iron lighting showcase and our iron entry doors .


Our idea of custom architectural iron entrance doors and wrought iron lighting is whatever you want it to be. Solara sales representatives and iron craftsmen are multilingual. We are fluent in over-the-top opulence. We also speak understated elegance and everything in between. More importantly, we know when to stay quiet and listen to your idea of a dream iron entry door andwrought iron lighting. We shine best with our custom handcrafted architectural ironwork. The care, style, and quality inherent in every Solara handcrafted custom wrought iron door and wrought iron lighting fixture speaks for itself. Homeowners, architects, and builders alike are drawn to Solara because of our reputation for creating one-of-a-kind iron doors and architectural accent masterpieces. But it’s our commitment to superior customer service that makes Solara highly renowned and sought after in the upscale interior design and exterior design circles. We work individually with our clients from the initial design planning stages straight through to the installation of our unique wrought iron doors, wrought iron lighting and iron gates.

Architectural gas lighting and electric lighting are on display throughout our Dallas showrooms and our wrought iron lighting showcase. Whether your architectural gas or electric lighting is chosen from our extensive lighting showcase or you commission a wrought iron door or gate to be hand forged at our Monterrey, Mexico and Dallas, Texas facilities, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Our manufacturing follows the most rigid standards in the industry. And of course, all of our iron doors and gas and electric lighting are backed by Solara Iron Doors & Lighting’s comprehensive warranty.

Please contact Solara with any questions you have regarding custom iron doors or iron product specifications.


Compared to the centuries that iron has been used to create architectural accents and ornaments, Solara’s history in the iron door and gas and electric lighting business is brief. Yet since we opened our business in Dallas, Texas in 1995, our artisans have perfected the balance between old world hand forged craftsmanship and cutting edge architectural wrought iron security doors and wrought iron lighting fixtures and other wrought iron lighting technology.

Our architectural accents, iron doors, and wrought iron lighting go beyond enhancing décor to truly adding investment and aesthetic value to any residential and commercial design. Though Solara initially specialized in custom wrought iron doors for residential landscapes, our customers began requesting the same handcrafted, intricate details we put into our iron gates in a full line of iron railings and balconies , wine cellar doors , finishing architectural accents, as well as gas lanterns and electric lighting .

Today, Solara Iron Doors & Lighting is synonymous with fine quality and infinite style – from our wrought iron security doors to our wrought iron lighting fixtures. In Monterrey, Mexico, the epicenter of large steel factories and highly trained lighting artisans, Solara manufactures its custom wrought iron doorsand wrought iron lighting fixtures to meet the most stringent requirements of the U.S. building and construction codes. All hand-finishes, wiring and assembly are completed in Solara’s Dallas, Texas facility where the product is originally designed.

Solara Lighting follows rigorous quality control procedures and every single piece in our architectural ironwork and custom wrought iron doors complies with UL standards. Travel north to Solara Iron Doors & Lighting’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas and you will find Solara centrally located at the Dallas Design Center giving us the opportunity to work personally with discerning homeowners, designers, architects and buyers. Solara’s custom wrought iron doors, decorative wrought iron lighting fixtures and outdoor decorative lighting grace some of the most prestigious neighborhoods and commercial buildings in the country.

Over the years, Solara’s iron craftsmen have forged custom wrought iron security doors and wrought iron lighting fixtures for every design motif and building style imaginable. Our customers’ design inspirations run the gamut from renaissance to contemporary, decorative to functional. But what they share in common is an eye for superior style and personalized service. Whether it’s replicating a custom wrought iron doors or entryway for your estate or wine cellar or a unique look for your outdoor landscape lighting, contact Solara to bring it to life from concept through prototype to production.