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Solara Information for Architects, Builders and Designers

Architects, Builders and Designers, Meet Solara Iron Doors & Lighting

If your reputation was built on quality products and superior customer service, we have something in common.

Since 1995, Solara has been delivering custom wrought iron doors, iron railings, and gas and electric lighting for both outdoor landscaping and interior use in residential homes and commercial buildings. We’ve become well known in our field for our no compromise approach to delivering exactly what was ordered when we promised to deliver it.

All too often, design is sacrificed by manufacturing technology and vice versa. Our iron doors and architectural lighting is evidence of what is possible when technology and design collide. So many architects, builders, and designer begin conversations with us saying, “I don’t know if this is possible, but….” We’re proud to admit that there is rarely a design that we can’t make happen.

With Solara, you have access to a complete line of interior and exterior iron doors ranging from unpretentious to meticulously elaborate designs including iron railings, wine cellars and our wrought iron and steel lighting available in gas or electric. The ability we have to custom manufacture will give you the leading edge with your customers when it comes to specialized orders.

Solara Iron Doors & Lighting is ready, skilled and available around the nation. Solara is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, where you’ll find our main lighting showroom and custom wrought iron door and architectural accent manufacturing facility. Customer service and technical support teams are also available to assist you on site. If Dallas is out of your range, an exceptional network of distributors and representatives around the country represents Solara Iron Doors & Lighting. Of course, our website is always open and contains the product and technical specifications you might need for your next residential or commercial project. Use the store locator above to find a distributor near you.