Solara Electric and Gas Lighting

Gas Lanterns and Electric Lighting Couture Designed Exclusively by Solara Lighting

Tastes may change and styles come and go. But Solara’s gas decorative lanterns and electric lighting are timeless and complement all motifs over time. Whether you are searching for the perfect wrought iron lantern, wrought iron ceiling light or electric lighting for your outdoor landscape or a custom wrought iron chandelier , Solara’s vast selection of architectural and outdoor lighting designs, mounting options and sizes will accent or anchor any interior or exterior décor.

Every wrought iron lantern, chandelier , or decorative post bases from Solara is created with state-of-the-art technology and a near obsession with traditional craftsmanship. Explore our wrought iron ceiling lamps, wrought iron lanterns and wrought iron ceiling fans. Our wrought iron and steel lighting designs are coated using an electrostatic process followed by our hand finishing providing a more durable lantern. A cast bronze lanterns (both gas and electric) is also available, which provides lifetime durability under various environmental conditions. Both Solara’s high-end wrought iron lighting and steel lighting gas outdoor lighting and cast bronze collections comply with the UL’s strict quality control standards.



Please contact Solara with any questions you have regarding our iron lighting, wrought iron lanterns, wrought iron ceiling lights or other product specifications.

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